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Movement keeps our sponge-like information highway flowing. The fluid-filled interstitial space lines our connective tissue wrapping around muscle and organs. It’s not just about lubrication, scientists think this extracellular matrix may actually be an organ and part of our immune system.

Fascia is connective tissue that contains our sixth sense, the sense of where we are in space, which corresponds with the element ether (space) both within and without.

The twisting, compressive and extension movements of yoga keep our bodies juicy and buoyant, and this fluid-filled communications highway open.

In this workshop, we’ll explore this fascinating tissue fascia, and the interstitium through PowerPoint presentation, lecture and mindful yoga asana practice

Approved for CEs with Yoga Alliance for RYTs


Sunday, December 8th
1:30 to 4:30 PM (4 Hours)


Salt Spring Wellness Centre
120 Hereford Ave
Salt Spring Island, BC


$65 Advance Registration, $80 at the door


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