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Annamaya Kosa; Patanjali states pratyaksa (direct experience) is the path to knowledge. We will review joints, muscles and fascia and build on your assessment skills. Apply anatomical terms, prime mover, synergist and antagonist and reciprocal inhibition theory as it applies to functional anatomy. This workshop will help you identify and correct common imbalance and to directly apply this knowledge in your MT practice or yoga classes. From here we will advance to Pranamaya Kosa and systems, the anatomy of the breath from both eastern and western perspectives and pelvic floor health. Last we will look at yoga therapy, pain theory and chronic pain applications. Extensive handouts, power point tools and hands on. We will be doing plenty of yoga to allow the intelligence of the mind to learn from the body’s wisdom.

This course is open to Yoga teachers, RMTs and other Manual Therapists, serious yoga students wishing to deepen their understanding.

Anatomy & Yogasana I

The Foundation – From Standing Asana to Inversions

1. Lower body, Foundation poses
2. Pelvic Girdle & Hip Openers
3. Supple spine, Backbends & twists
4. Shoulder girdle & Inversions

Total: 12 hours

Anatomy & Yogasana II

Moving Inward

1. Pranayama and anatomy of the Breath
2. The Pelvic Core and Diaphragms
3. Benefits of yogasana for LB pain – research based

Total: 12 h


Canmore, Alberta. Call or email for details.


December 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th, 2017
9 AM to Noon and 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM Daily Sessions

Cost & Registration

Total cost for A&Y I&II with 24 hours of study and extensive handouts is $780 CDN.

To Register email Katherine Labonte at k.labonte@me.com or phone (403) 675-1111