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Annamaya Kosa; Patanjali states pratyaksa (direct experience) is the path to knowledge. We will review joints, muscles and fascia and observe how any one factor can affect the function of the whole being. Learn/review the application of anatomical terms like prime mover, synergist and antagonist and reciprocal inhibition theory as it applies to yoga.

This workshop will help you identify the cause and to correct common imbalance and to apply this knowledge in your MT practice or yoga classes. From here we will advance to Pranamaya Kosa and the anatomy of the breath from both eastern and western perspectives and pelvic floor health. Last we will look at yoga therapy and chronic pain applications. Extensive handouts, power point tools and hands on. We will be doing plenty of yoga to let the intelligence of the mind learn from the body’s wisdom. No prior yoga experience required.

Anatomy & Yogasana I

The Foundation– From Standing Asana to Inversions

1. Lower body, Foundation poses
2. Pelvic Girdle & Hip Openers
3. Supple spine, Backbends & twists
4. Shoulder girdle & Inversions

Total: 12 hours

Anatomy & Yogasana II

Moving Inward

1. Pranayama and anatomy of the Breath
2. The Pelvic Core and Diaphragms
3. Benefits of yogasana for LB pain – research based

Total: 12 hours

Yogis at Play in Utthita Hasta


This workshop will allow time to relax and get with the Aloha spirit, hang on the beach and swim with the turtles. Nothing will bring you greater peace and joy than the many humpback whales visiting Maui.


  • $1800.00 CAD ($900.00 deposit before November 1st, 2019)
  • $1980.00 CAD after November 1st, 2019 (full amount due by January 1st, 2020)


Please download, complete and submit the A&Y I & II Registration form.

*Pre-registration is up to four weeks prior to the scheduled workshop date.

Recognized by CMTBC and MTAA for 24 primary credits. IYAC, CMTO, MTANS, Yoga Alliance and ABMP for CEC/CEU